Class 5 2015-2016

Summer Term Planning

Class 5 celebrates Brazilian Day 

In Class 5 as part of our D & T lessons we designed healthy eating sandwiches.  Then during Healthy Eating Week we made the sandwiches and ate them.  Some of us liked are sandwiches while others didn’t. 

In Class 5 recently, Amanda paid us a visit to help us design and create purses as part of our DT curriculum.  We had to decide which seam would be best for our purses. Using a template we cut the felt and fastened it together with pins.  After sewing the felt together we designed the front and back of the purse and used ribbon, sequins and felt to produce our final pieces. 

In Class 5 during our PHSE lesson we discussed our feelings towards different events in our lives.  We each took a card, read it and then told the class a time when we had felt that emotion. We decided whether the feeling was good, bad or both.  Some of us were scared when we first went swimming. It was a sad time when one of us had to say goodbye to their father who was returning to Africa.  Others were happy when it was Christmas or their birthday.  Since it was a beautiful afternoon we continued our lesson on Fr. Dever’s lawn. 

Class 5 had a visitor who came into class to talk about Belle Vue.  He brought some artefacts and some posters. 

In class 5 we have been building Stone Age Neolithic houses. The children researched and gathered the materials needed to build their houses. We then used air drying clay to construct the walls and sticks and dried grass to form the roof.  We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon building our houses. Class 5 will soon be the home of its very own Stone Age village! 

Pennine Studios visited Class 5 and we made this wonderful artwork. 

In Class 5 we have been working with Pennine Studios on a Kandinsky art project and the results are outstanding! We had lots of fun. 

Class 5 Classroom Displays