Reception 1 2015-2016

Summer Term Planning

Planting news in Reception 1

Reception 1 Easter activities 

To celebrate St Patricks day in Reception 1, we decorated our room with an Irish flag and lots of green decorations. We made St Patricks party hats using green glitter and shamrocks. We also had to write why we feel we are lucky and this is now displayed in our classroom. 

In Reception 1 in Maths we have been learning about time! We each had a clock and learned to tell the time to the nearest hour! 

In reception, a nurse came into our class to teach us how to wash our hands properly. We had some bug gel that showed fake germs on our hands under a UV light. We then washed our hands properly making sure we did in between our fingers and the backs of our hands, and then we got to check our hands again under the light to check that all the germs were gone! 

In Maths we have been learning fractions. We have been halving different objects like biscuits and crumpets and we now understand that you should have two pieces. We then shared our food by giving half of it to our friends. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Christmas dinner special. 

Our first day in Reception 1 

We have been looking at the story Monkey Puzzle. Mr Kennedy, a drama specialist, came into Reception 1 and helped us act out the story. We pretended to be explorers in the jungle and all of the different animals. We had lots of fun! 

We have been learning about the celebration of Diwali this week and we created diva lamps out of clay. We had to use different tools to make patterns and painted the detail carefully. We now know that Diwali is the festival of light.  Reception 1 have won the first ever trophy for being the best behaved class during lunch time. We were very excited!  When reading the book the Rainbow Fish, we created some clay fish. We stuck some sequins onto the fish so that they looked like scales and then we painted them. We made sure they were on our display near the water area for all to see! 

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