Class Trips

All our Year 6 pupils visited The Marist Centre in January 2018 to take part in a ‘Moving On’ reflective day.  The children were invited to remember their good times (and not so good times) in St Richard’s, then take those memories along the ‘road of faith’, depositing their good memories on the altar to thank God for those experiences.  The children placed their ‘not so good’ memories in a bin so that they could remove them from their minds in order to have space to create new, better memories at high school.  The children learned all about the rights and responsibilities of moving on from primary school to high school and how to continue on their journey of faith, taking God with them when they leave St Richard’s. 

In December 2017 Year one went to the Romily Forum in Stockport to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We had such a fabulous time and we really enjoyed the pantomime. 

Class 13 visited Stockport Air Raid Shelters as part of their WWII project in History.  The children enjoyed a day as an evacuee and learned all about life during The Blitz.  

Class 9 visited Whitworth Art Gallery for a storytelling session 

Class 10 visited the Whitworth Gallery and looked at some art work. We visited one exhibition which explores South Asian textiles bringing together four artists working on issues around post-colonial identity, ruptured spaces, authenticity, displacement and belonging. These artists are based in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and England, having developed artworks around these concerns, experimenting with a range of media and such as textiles, fibres, embroidery, film, photography and performance.