Class 13 Year 6

Spring Term Planning

Displays in Class 13 

In December 2017, Class 13 celebrated the work they had completed with a class assembly.  The children’s new knowledge and understanding of the meaning of expectation and Advent, a time of joyful expectation of Christmas, the Word becoming a human person, Jesus was celebrated through their work. 

In December 2017 our year 6 pupils took part in a Space Measures Mission and rocket launching workshop around school with Mr Riley.  The children worked as part of a team to navigate to control points to answer space themed questions about measuring.  They then, still working as a team, used the credits gained in part one of the workshop to purchase items to build a Rocket launcher.  Pupils had to work out how to get their rocket to fly the maximum distance.  All pupils really enjoyed the workshop! 

Every month in Class 13 we take part in a class assembly to celebrate all we have learned in our Religion lessons. 

Class 13 visited Stockport Air Raid Shelters as part of their WWII project in History.  The children enjoyed a day as an evacuee and learned all about life during The Blitz.  

In Class 13 we took our maths lesson outside.  Mrs Toal and Mr Neilson shouted out maths problems and as well as working the answers out mentally the pupils then had to race to the other side of the playground to show the answer using numbered cones.  Maths really is a lot of fun! 

A beautiful selection of Religion work from Class 13. 

In Class 13, during our Numeracy lesson, we enjoyed a lesson of quick fire maths activities.  We covered a wide range of maths including: quick fire whiteboard work, times tables and extended times tables, multiplication and division of fractions, converting between fractions, decimals and percentages, mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa, finding percentages of amounts, times tables snap, BIDMAS top trumps, fractions matching game and cancelling fractions – Maths is lots of fun! 

Class 13 held their own celebration assembly in class to showcase their Religion work to each other. 

In Class 13 we took part in a workshop with Amanda.  We started off by investigating pneumatic systems.  We drew and made 3 different systems using a balloon and a milk bottle, 2 syringes and a tube and 3 syringes and tubes.  We learnt all about how these systems worked.  We then went on to design a monster.  We then made the monster using a box, paper, glue, sellotape and scissors.  Our monsters could move due to the syringes and tubes we inserted into specific areas of our monsters.  We had a brilliant day and are very proud of our monsters. 

All our Year 6 children are learning about commitment and vocations in our religion lessons.  The children met with Father Dever who told the children all about his journey in becoming a priest.  Father Dever explained to the children all about his calling, his education and his ordination and his journey to St Richard’s Church.  The children asked Father Dever questions about his role as our Parish Priest and Head of Governors of our school and learned a great deal about his life in our Parish.  Thank you Father Dever. 

All year 6 pupils received a visit from Greater Manchester Fire Service to learn all about ‘Treacle’, a health and safety initiative for bonfire night.  The pupils were also treated to using the fire hose on the fire engine. 

In Science in Class 13, pupils learned all about making circuits.  They used wires, bulbs, batteries, motors and buzzers to create different circuits. 

Mr North visited Class 13 this term to deliver a full day workshop on ‘Evolution’.  We first learned about the different groups of animals: cnidarians, molluscs, vertebrates and arthropods and examples of each.  We discussed the ‘Tree of Life’ and how we are all related, followed by a practical activity where we placed animals into different time periods, going back millions of years to periods such as the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods, amongst others.  In groups, we then placed fossils on our own timelines, naming the type of animal and the period it belonged to.  We moved on to discussing @Adaptations’ and how animals have changed over time to aid their own survival.  Interesting clips on feeding, teeth, mouth, nose, limbs, stingers and traps, and farming adaptations were explored and discussed leading into a range of group tasks.  We rotated around lots of stations engaging in practical activities including:  ’Habitats’ – we placed the animals on the board according to whether they were land, sea or air animals, discussing their adaptation and how this was useful to them.  ’Transitions’ – we ordered pictures and discussed the changes over time, stating how these changes were useful.  ’Peppered Moth Experiment’ – we timed each other to see how many light and dark moths we could spot on light and dark trees discussing how the moths were affected by the pollution in the 1800s. causing trees to darken and therefore endangering the light moths that could be easily seen.  ’Teeth’ – we examined a range of teeth, noting the difference between carnivore and herbivore teeth, and mammal/non-mammal teeth.  As a whole-class we played a ‘mimicry’ game, discussing how some animals adapt to look like others, to help them survive.  We also played a ‘camouflage’ game discussing this adaptation for survival.