Class 10 Year 5

Spring Term Planning

Displays in Class 10 

Class 10 were researching how Christmas is celebrated throughout the world and made these lovely posters. 

In Science in Class 10 we have been learning all about the phases of the moon. 

In Class 10 we have been learning about Remembrance Day and made our own poppies. 

Pupils in Class 10 thoroughly enjoy their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory display 

Class 10 visited the Whitworth Gallery and looked at some art work. We visited one exhibition which explores South Asian textiles bringing together four artists working on issues around post-colonial identity, ruptured spaces, authenticity, displacement and belonging. These artists are based in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and England, having developed artworks around these concerns, experimenting with a range of media and such as textiles, fibres, embroidery, film, photography and performance. 

Class 10 had fun celebrating and showcasing their talents in preparation for their assembly 

In their Religion lessons Class 10 learned all about the gifts God has given us 

In our PSHE lessons in Class 10 we have been learning all about Black History Month and drew portraits of Martin Luther King 

In Class 10 we have been learning all about Cleopatra in our history lessons.