Class 9 Year 5

Spring Term Planning

Our displays in Class 9 

In Science in Class 9, we have been exploring forces and we carried out an investigation to test the useful effects of air resistance. We each created a parachute, testing different materials, and in our groups, we compared the speed it took for each to fall to the ground. The slower it fell, the more effective it was at its job. 

Class 9 went to St Peter’s one afternoon for a scientific workshop led by The University of Manchester. There were various demonstrations of how the states of items can be changes. Some of these we now know are reversible; others are irreversible. 

Our forces lessons in Class 9 have allowed us to understand the difference between weight and mass. We know now that ‘mass’ tells us how heavy an object is and is measured in g and kg whilst the weight of an object refers to the force acting upon the object and is measured in newtons. We then explored the relationship between the mass of objects and the forcing acting on them using Newton meters. 

Leading up to Easter in Class 9, we have learnt a great amount about sacrifices that people make for others and also the cost of giving in some situations. This lead us to reflecting upon Jesus’ great sacrifice. Through drama, we also focused on the betrayal of Jesus by Judas and tried to consider what the most likely explanation for this was. We used a conscience alley to voice our opinions. 

During Shakespeare week in Class 9, we retold the story of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as a class, using freeze frames. We summarised the play before being allocated a scene to show using our body language and facial expressions. 

We were joined in Class 9 by Jenny and Sarah for an art workshop using watercolour paints. This year, we were studying the works of Charles Rennie Macintosh; exploring his architecture and design work. As he is well known for his rose motifs, we practiced drawing these along with various drawing warm up activities. We then designed our own stained glass windows before painting our designed window using watercolour paints. 

We were visited by Tony North in Class 9 for our topic of the Ancient Egyptians. Throughout the day, we learnt about Pharaohs, Gods and the Afterlife; three very important aspects of life to the Egyptians. In the morning, we practiced writing in hieroglyphs and in the afternoon, we carefully produced a number of different artefacts including a bust of Tutankhamun, scarab beetles and shabtis. Two of our class also experienced the Egyptian makeover! 

In Class 9 we worked with Isabel from Whitworth Art Gallery and embellished our silk screen prints. We had gathered objects which link to our identity and used our sewing skills and different types of stitch to attach our selected items onto our prints to personalise them. 

In our art lessons in Class 9, we have been very excited to learn how to print. We have practiced using silk screen printing, using the silk screen, squeegee and blotting our prints. Our second lesson involved us using a silhouette which represents our identity. 

We worked in pairs to produce a leaflet in our RE lessons in Class 9. Inside, we have outlined the different parts of the wedding ceremony and given a short explanation of what happens. 

In our history lesson in Class 9, we became Ancient Egyptian embalmers and mummified a tomato. We used our knowledge of the process and adapted it accordingly. To allow the natron solution to work effectively, we have left the mummies in the ‘Mummification Station’ or the ibu. 

Our second CARITAS afternoon of the year in Class 9 involved us thinking about how we can become good stewards of God’s earth, our common home. More importantly, we began to think about why this is important and gathered a variety of actions that we can begin to take. 

Class 9 visited Whitworth Art Gallery for a storytelling session 

Class 9 enjoyed a Music lesson 

In Class 9 to learn about the different planets in the solar system, we used a speed dating activity to gather as much information about each of them as we could. Here you can see the posters that we have produced to display our findings. 

In numeracy in Class 9, we have focused on understanding the number system, the value of digits within different places and written methods for addition and subtraction. We really enjoyed using our knowledge of Roman Numerals to crack a code and figure out who the thief was! 

This half term in Class 9, we have each written our own unique Ancient Egyptian myth. We learnt about the story of Isis and Osiris and identified the features of a myth. Before long, we were planning our very own narrative. 

One afternoon in Class 9, we explored the gory process of mummification. We learnt about how the organs were removed and stored, how bodies were preserved and even why they put wigs and make up on the corpses. We then wrote a diary entry as a canopic jar, explaining what we saw whilst storing our chosen organ.