Class 7 Year 4

Spring Term Planning

Class 7 displays 

In our Science lesson in Class 7, we completed a unit on the human body. The final experiment was to determine which drinks cause the most tooth decay. We used eggs to stand in place of teeth and determined that coke was the most destructive drink to our teeth. We have now moved onto the study of the states of matter, specifically looking at water. 

In Class 7 during our Geography lesson we have been studying lakes, rivers and mountains in Geography. We looked at the water cycle and created our own rain clouds. 

We spent a special day learning about Martin Luther King Jr. in Class 7 during our Religion lesson and the impact he had on racial relations around the world. 

Class 7 had the opportunity to take part in many fun activities in 2017 and we are looking forward to more to come this year! 

In History, Class 7 has been studying the Roman’s and the impact they have had on life in Britain. 

In Maths, Class 7 has been working on basic multiplication and division facts. We have been using maths games to help reinforce these facts. 

Class 7 would like to introduce our new reading buddy “Octo-word”. He will be hanging out above our new reading area this year.

In Religion, Class 7 is focusing on the topic “Called – Confirmation: a call to witness.” We have been studying David it Chosen and discussing what it means to be called by God. For our last Caritas in Action, we looked at Stewardship and how, as responsible stewards, we must take care of God’s planet and ensure there is enough resources for everyone. 

In Science, Class 7 has been looking at habitats and how changes to a habitat can influence the living things within this habitat. We completed fact files on animals that have become endangered due to changes in their habitats.