School Council

The School Council this year will be involved in a variety of interesting initiatives that will enhance different areas of school life.

They will be using many different skills, whilst working as a team to generate interesting school-based projects.  We know that they will be a big success with their interesting ideas.

Mr Keyworth will be supporting the Key State 2 councillors.  Miss Donnelly will be supporting Key Stage 1 Councillors.

The KS1 Students have been very busy voting for two class representatives to make our School Council!

Our KS1 School Council is:

Class 1 – Alex and Olivia

Class 2 – Lilly and Ali

Class 3 – Adam and Sienna

Class 4 – Kevaeh and Aaron

In our first meeting our KS1 School council were given special badges to wear so that other children know who to give their ideas to. Our councillors were all given an ‘ideas book’ to write down any suggestions to share with Miss Donnelly. We discussed what School Council does and why it is important to have one. Please check our page to find out what we have been up to!

Key Stage 1 pupils voting for their school council members 

Our Key Stage 1 Councillors 

Our Key Stage 2 Games Monitors