Reception 2 2015-2016

Summer Term Planning

In Reception 2 this term we have been learning about transport and how to keep safe on the road. We hope you enjoyed our assembly on this topic, here are some of the photos from it. 

In Reception 2 we had a lovely afternoon celebrating St George’s day with our friends in the Nursery and Reception 1. We made castles, shields, flags and even played English sports like tennis! Thank you to everyone who made our day special. 

In Reception 2 for DT this halfterm we made moving windmills using split pins and card. 

Zika’s mum Silvia, who is an optician, kindly came to visit us in Reception 2 class today. She brought in lenses, charts and a torch to show the children how she examines people’s eyes. The children asked questions and learned all about her job. 

Isaac’s mum Charity, who is a nurse, came to visit the Reception classes. She explained to the children how she became a nurse and all of the important jobs she has to do. She also talked to the children about the different instruments that doctors and nurses use to help people feel better. We all really enjoyed her visit! 

Miss Crosby very kindly took photos of the baby animals at her farm to show the children in Reception 2.  We have been learning all about the changes that happen during Spring. 

In Reception 2 we read the story and watched the film of Gnomeo and Juliet for Shakespeare Week. The children planted grass and created a garden for the gnomes. 

Fr Dever kindly came to visit Reception 2 to talk to us all about Palm Sunday. He brought palm leaves for the children and we all joined together for our palm procession. We sang songs and waved our palm leaves as we walked around the school grounds. 

Reception 2 won ‘Best Class Attendance’ at our Easter Assembly! Each of the children won some chocolate and were very pleased. Thank you to all of you for working hard to ensure the children have excellent attendance. 

Beannachtaí na féile Pádraig oraibh! (St. Patrick’s Day greetings to all!)  In Reception 2 we have had a fantastic time learning all about Ireland and St. Patrick this week. The children made their own shamrock biscuits, leprechaun hats and rainbows. They wrote all the reasons why they are lucky for our class display. They learned how to speak a little bit of Irish and sang some songs too. We all really enjoyed the Irish dancing performance by Miss Corrigan, Miss Mc Ginn and the Year 5 children and Mrs Fildes and her dance class. Thank you for celebrating with us! 

The children from the Nursery and Reception classes have been working hard to raise money for St. Joseph’s Penny. They had a sponsored walk on Monday 14th March in Crowcroft Park. Luckily the weather was beautiful and the children were able to have a well-deserved picnic afterwards. The staff, children and their family members really enjoyed the afternoon. Thank you to all those who were able to join us. 

We have been learning about people who help us in our community. We were delighted to have Veronica our lollypop lady join us in class to teach the children how to cross the road safely. 

Reception 2 planting 

Instruction writing in Reception 2 – how to plant seeds 

Subtraction in Reception 2 

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday in Reception 2 by having pancakes in class! We cut them in half and shared them with our friend. The children chose their toppings and had a pancake feast! We also talked about Lent and watched video clips of the teachers talking about what they are going to give up and take up for Lent. This helped the children to think about what they could do. 

Reception 2 made free standing structures today! They worked with Amanda from ‘Discover and Create’ and made a playground. The children made slides, swings and sea-saws from straws, pipe cleaners and glue. 

Reception 2 had a lovely time celebrating Chinese New Year! They listened to the story and acted it out, they made lanterns and monkeys, they tasted some lovely Chinese food and made dragon masks and performed a special dance during PE! They even learned how to write their letters and numbers in Chinese! 

Father Dever kindly came to visit Reception 2 on Ash Wednesday. We sang songs and thought about all of the good things we are going to do during Lent. 

This term we have been learning about fairytales! This week we read Cinderella and the children have really enjoyed it. They have been dressing up and role playing in our very own castle! They have designed their own castles using watercolours and built them out of sand and lego. On Monday the children found a shoe in our classroom! We decided to measure everyone’s feet to find out who owned the shoe. The children also made ‘lost’ posters to try and find the owner. 

Reception 2 building castles with Bob 

We had a nurse come to visit us to talk to us all about staying healthy. She taught the children how and when to wash their hands and answered all of their questions. 

Our first PE Lesson 

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Christmas dinner special. 

Our Christmas Concert photographs 

We won Best Behaved Class at Lunchtime! 

The children in Reception have been learning about voting! They voted for their favourite fruit and we represented the results on a pictogram. 

Our first day in Reception 2 

Meet Reception 2 

Autumn in Reception 2 

The Rainbow Fish in Reception 2 

We made boats in Reception 2 

We solved Monkey Puzzles in Reception 2 

Elmer in Reception 2 

Celebrating Diwali 

Decorating biscuits for Bonfire Night 

Remembrance Day Poppy 

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