Class 14 Year 6

Our classroom displays 

St Paul’s R.C. Primary School visited Class 14 to learn all about Eid Celebrations.  The children in Class 14 came into school in their traditional dress and taught all the pupils about what happens during Ramadam and Eid.  The children created their own Mendhi patterns and created their own Mosque picture using collage techniques.  Many of the parents of the pupils of Class 14 prepared, cooked and delivered samples of the food eaten during the Eid Celebrations so that the children from St Paul’s and St Richard’s could enjoy the experiences.  Many thanks to all the pupils and parents.  

Class 14 enjoyed a session of BMX bike riding at Manchester Cycling Centre, they had a great time! 

In Class 14 today we took part in a workshop with Amanda.  We started off by investigating pneumatic systems.  We drew and made 3 different systems using a balloon and a milk bottle, 2 syringes and a tube and 3 syringes and tubes.  We learnt all about how these systems worked.  We then went on to design a monster.  We then made the monster using a box, paper, glue, sellotape and scissors.  Our monsters could move due to the syringes and tubes we inserted into specific areas of our monsters.  We had a brilliant day and are very proud of our monsters.  

Class 14 visited Stockport Air Raid Shelters as part of their WWII project in History.  The children enjoyed a day as an evacuee and learning all about The Blitz.  

Class 14 took part in a day of art with Jennt Ulyatt and Sarah Hill.  The children had to draw an animal that they felt was portrayed in the poem ‘The Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll.  They looked at rainforests and what kind of trees and wildlife live there.  The children moved on to observational drawing, completing a toucan, a jaguar and a monkey, using basic shapes.  Following that pupils moved on to sketching landscapes of jungles which they then painted using watercolours.  Jenny taught pupils how to use watercolours, mixing colours on the pallet then transferring it to their paintings.  When the children finished painting their pictures they were then given plasticine to make the animal they drew at the beginning of the session. 

On Tuesday 4th October 2016, Mr North visited Class 14 to deliver a full day workshop on ‘Evolution’.  We first learned about the different groups of animals: cnidarians, molluscs, vertebrates and arthropods and examples of each.  We discussed the ‘Tree of Life’ and how we are all related, followed by a practical activity where we placed animals into different time periods, going back millions of years to periods such as the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods, amongst others.  In groups, we then placed fossils on our own timelines, naming the type of animal and the period it belonged to.  We moved on to discussing @Adaptations’ and how animals have changed over time to aid their own survival.  Interesting clips on feeding, teeth, mouth, nose, limbs, stingers and traps, and farming adaptations were explored and discussed leading into a range of group tasks.  We rotated around lots of stations engaging in practical activities including:  ’Habitats’ – we placed the animals on the board according to whether they were land, sea or air animals, discussing their adaptation and how this was useful to them.  ’Transitions’ – we ordered pictures and discussed the changes over time, stating how these changes were useful.  ’Peppered Moth Experiment’ – we timed each other to see how many light and dark moths we could spot on light and dark trees discussing how the moths were affected by the pollution in the 1800s. causing trees to darken and therefore endangering the light moths that could be easily seen.  ’Teeth’ – we examined a range of teeth, noting the difference between carnivore and herbivore teeth, and mammal/non-mammal teeth.  As a whole-class we played a ‘mimicry’ game, discussing how some animals adapt to look like others, to help them survive.  We also played a ‘camouflage’ game discussing this adaptation for survival.  Finally, we had the opportunity to put everything we’d learned into practice by designing our own animal, labelling its features that were useful for survival in its habitat.  In teams, we presented our animal to the rest of the class. 

Manchester Actor Company visited St Richard’s today to perform poems to our Year 6 children.  There were various poems performed from authors including William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare and Wildred Owens.  Ruth, Gavin and Nathan brought all the poems to life and the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon watching them.  The children also enjoyed asking questions at the end.  Thank you Manchester Actor Company. 

All Year 6 children from St Richard’s attended the Marist Centre for a day of reflection and took part in various activities to learn about responsibility.  They took part in small and large group sessions learning how to be responsible in school, at home, in the community and to be responsible for their own possessions and those of others.  All the children enjoyed writing their own prayers, taking part in small group drama sessions, showing their understanding of God’s love for us and how we can show our love for Him. 

In class 14 we have been studying Romeo & Juliet in our Literacy lessons.  One pupil, at home, created a 3D storyboard to show the entire play. 

In Class 14 we wrote short stories based on the book The Jungle Book where Mowgli tries to escape from Shere Khan. 

In Class 14 we wrote exciting sentences about Alice in Wonderland. 

In Class 14 we are studying Native Americans and we designed and made totem poles and teepees.