Class 11 Year 6

Our classroom displays 

Class 11 made enjoyed making a volcano during their Design Technology lesson. 

Class 11 were making shapes during their maths lesson. 

Class 11 were learning all about Palm Sunday. 

Today in Class 11 we learnt that on this day, during the 16th century, Christians would return to their ‘mother’ church. This was the main church in the town, the church they had been baptised in, or the cathedral.  Mothering Sunday was one of the few days that servants and maids had off and it allowed them to go home to visit their mothers.  In the UK, Mothering Sunday is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This day was also known as Refreshment Sunday. We learnt that Lent is a time of fasting, when people refrain from eating.  Refreshment Sunday is a day when the rules about Lent are relaxed a little. 

Today in Class 11, we worked in partners to create our own board game. Firstly, we decided on the resources we needed and then we made up our own instructions. After constructing our own rules and trialling our game, we rotated around the class and taught other teams how to play our game.  Each game helped with our mathematical fluency, particularly in the areas of fractions, decimals and percentages. 

Class 11 enjoyed a practical Science lesson on Forces. 

In out Religion lesson in Class 11 we have been learning about Mother Teresa, Mother Angelica and Cafod. 

In Class 11 we took part in an Egyptian Workshop with Tony North. 

In Class 11 in our Science lesson we measured gravity using Newtons. [Gallery not found]

In Class 11 today we worked in groups to research many different Egyptian Gods: Thoth, Isis, Osiris, Ra, Horus and Nut. We understand that Egyptian Gods were important as they took part in creation. Some brought the flood every year, some offered protections and some took care of the people after they died; Others were either local Gods, who represented towns, or minor Gods who represented plants and animals. The ancient Egyptians believed that it was important to recognise and worship these Gods and Goddesses so that life could continue to run smoothly. 

In Class 11 today we watched a number of videos to help to understand the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and why the moon appears to change when seen from the Earth.  We have learnt that the moon is lit up by the Sun. Half of the moon is lit up and half of it is in darkness. When the dark side of the moon is facing the Earth we cannot see it; this is called a New Moon. As the moon orbits the Earth we can see more and more of the illuminated side.  At various stages in its orbit it is called a crescent moon, quarter moon, full moon and gibbous moon. When we can see the entire sunlit side of the moon it is called a full moon.  Today, we worked cooperatively in groups, using Oreo biscuits to recreate the phases of the moon. We have labelled the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. 

In Class 11 in our Religion we were looking at all the gifts God has given us. 

In Class 11 the children have been studying ‘Instructions’ in English. They have been writing their own instructions on ‘How to make an Egyptian mummy’. To help with the process, the children carried out the mummification process using a tomato (dead body), bicarbonate soda and salt (natron), hand wash (palm oil) and tissue paper (linen).  After carrying this out practically, they wrote their own set of instructions. 

In Class 11 we have been writing letters to Bishop John Arnold to tell him all about how much we value our Church. 

In our Science lessons we have been learning all about the planets in our Solar System.  We then created Maths word problems using the information we had researched.