Class 10 Year 5

Our classroom displays 

Over the last six weeks, Class 10 took part in a ‘City Stars Literacy Project’ delivered by Manchester City Football Club. During our English lessons, we learnt all about how football can be linked to Literacy and explored aspects such as, how to scout out players, how to complete a match report, commentating on a game and reporting on games through the media. In the final session, we were lucky enough to have a Manchester City stadium tour at the Etihad Stadium. 

In Class 10 as part of our current topic ‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’ we made our own model volcanoes. We recapped on the structure of a volcano and what causes a volcano to erupt. We used plastic bottles, papier mache and paint to create our very own models. Once the models were dry, it was time for the explosion: to create this we mixed together washing up liquid, baking soda, food colouring and vinegar. We had lots of fun watching them explode! 

Class 10 enjoyed a forces workshop with Amanda Marrow.  

Today in Class 10 we made clay Christmas decorations. Firstly, we did sketches of our designs, carefully thinking about ideas related to Christmas. Then we used clay to create our designs. Once they were dry, we painted them with a glitter coat to make them look sparkly. 

In Class 10 we took part in a fantastic workshop with Mr Kennedy. The workshop was a fabulous opportunity to showcase all of our wonderful learning that we have been doing in English over the last few weeks. In our taught sessions, we have been writing a balanced argument around the controversial topic of whether or not orca whales should be kept in captivity, in places such as SeaWorld. We starred in our own TV talk show, ‘10Talk’, with Miss Defoe and Mr Kennedy acting as presenters. Firstly, four of us took on different roles and expressed our opinions on SeaWorld through a hot seating exercise. After that, we split into groups and were assigned a side of the argument to discuss and present. Finally, we explored our own opinions using a technique called ‘opinion line.’ 

Today in Class 10 we took part in a workshop to develop our understanding of Egyptian gods and pharaohs. During the morning, we took part in lots of fun activities including quizzes and games. We learnt about whom the gods and pharaohs were; where they lived; how people worshiped them and their significance in ancient Egyptian history. We got the chance to study Egyptian hieroglyphs and some of us even got the opportunity to dress up! In the afternoon, we made various Egyptian artefacts including daggers, jewellery, drawings, clay statues and an obelisk. 

In class 10 we researched different Egyptian Gods for example: Thoth, Isis, Osiris, Horus and Anubis. We understand that Egyptian Gods were important as they took part in creation. The ancient Egyptians believed that it was important to recognise and worship these Gods and Goddesses so that life could continue to run smoothly. Each pair researched a different God/Goddess and then we presented our ideas, as a poster, to the rest of the class. We then discussed which God or Goddess possessed the most important powers. 

In Class 10 as part of our science topic, ‘Earth and Space’, we have been learning about the phases of the moon. We used Oreo biscuits to create the phases of the moon, in our table groups. We had to think carefully about what each phase looks like and recreate it as a diagram. Each group then presented their work and explained it to the rest of the class. 

In Class 10 the children have been studying ‘Instructions’ in English. They have been writing their own instructions on ‘How to make an Egyptian mummy’. To help with the process, the children carried out the mummification process using a tomato (dead body), bicarbonate soda and salt (natron), hand wash (palm oil) and tissue paper (linen).  After carrying this out practically, they wrote their own set of instructions. 

In our Literacy lessons in Class 10 we have been drafting a narrative about an Egyptian Myth and Daniella has written a fabulous opener using lots of interesting vocabulary and exciting sentences.