Class 8 Year 4

Our classroom displays 

On Wednesday, Jenny and Sarah visited Class 8 for a day looking at the work of Van Gogh. We began by practicing our drawing skills. We had a 20 second challenge to draw objects, which got better each time and we also completed a blind drawing challenge when we weren’t allowed to look at our sketchbooks. After this, we practiced using watercolour paint to make a background called a wash. We studied the London skyline and sketched this using our knowledge of shapes. In the afternoon, we then produced our very own versions of ‘The Starry Night’ as well as making a pop-up Van Gogh’s bedroom. 

For Healthy Eating Week, class 8 enjoyed tasting different fruits. Some of them we had heard of but had never tasted them; others were brand new to us. Additionally, we listened to the songs of the Singing Dentist, teaching us all about oral hygiene as it is National Smile Month and we took part in daily ‘Just Dance’ videos to contribute to our healthy lifestyle. 

To celebrate Earth day in Class 8, we looked at the artist David Hockney and explored his use of colour and texture. We then painted our own landscapes using techniques practiced. Additionally, we used photographs as a stimulus to generate thoughts about global warming and produced our very own, table-top tweets. 

On Wednesday 10th May, classes 7 and 8 boarded the coach and headed to Chester for the Roman experience. Throughout the day, we learnt about Roman Chester through visiting the Roman gardens, amphitheatre and DEWA museum where archaeologists are still excavating to find Roman remains. In true Roman style, we watched two gladiators (a.k.a Miss Corrigan and Mr Bourne) fight using a shield (scutum) and a sword (gladius) in the amphitheatre. To finish the day off, we marched back to the museum whilst chanting, ‘Sin, sin, sin, dex, sin!’ 

In Class 8 we were extremely excited when we had a visit from United Utilities to link our science and geography lessons. We learnt all about the water cycle and began to understand the effect that we have when we waste this natural resource. As a class, we all created promises to decide how we could reduce the amount of water that we waste because some of us are classed as ‘water wasters’! 

We have been learning all about time in class 8, practising using both digital and analogue clock. We have also learnt how to convert 12 hour time into 24 hour time and order times throughout the day. 

In Class 8 for the BBC Scientifc experiements that are taking place across the country, we have identified what type of ‘taster’ we are. Using food colouring, we painted our tongues and counted the fungiform papillae (white bumps) which indicated whether we were non-tasters, tasters or super-tasters. 

For the second Terrific Scientific experiement in Class 8, we kept a sleep diary for the week starting Tuesday 28th March – Tuesday 3rd April. This is because the clocks were going forward an hour and we wanted to identify whether it had any effect on our reaction times. We used a reaction time test and the KSS scale to figure out how quickly we could respond. 

Class 8 were very lucky to visit Manchester Central Library during Shakespeare week. We worked with a poet named Craig Bradley who explored rhyme with us through sonnets and songs. We then learnt all about Shakespeare’s life and had a chance to view Shakespeare’s ‘Second Folio’. 

In class 8, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by enjoying some delicious pancakes. We had a variety of fruit along with some cream, syrup and chocolate chips depending on what we fancied. Just look at some of our decorative creations! 

During science week in Class 8, we tried out a whole variety of mini experiments. The majority of the investigations looked at ‘change’ as this was the theme of this year’s Science week. 

As part of our PSHE studies in Class 8, we have explored what it means to be ‘fairtrade’. We have looked at the stories of how tea is made and arrives in our supermarkets as well as becoming members of the supply chain for producing bananas. This made us realise that sometimes, people aren’t paid as fairly as we think they should be. 

For Science week in Class 8, we were had a visit from the Science Boffins. We watched various different experiments including how dry ice can be used for special effects in films and on television. Using a rocket template, we then built our own rockets ready to launch. 

For our Literacy lessons in Class 8, we watched a video called “Baboon on the Moon” and we began to think about how he was there and how he felt being there. We each became both a journalist and the Baboon to express our thoughts and feelings before writing a monologue from the perspective of this character. 

Amanda joined us in Class 8 for the second time this year and we applied our knowledge and understanding of circuits from both our previous workshop and our science lessons. We were given a design brief to create a lamp for a young child so we had to come up with a relevant theme. Some children chose Spongebob Squarepants and others chose Puss in Boots. Have a look at our fully-functioning lamps that we can switch on and off. 

In the week leading up to the Easter holidays, class 8 completed a treasure hunt as part of a numeracy lesson. Inside mini Easter eggs were hidden questions which we had to apply our previous learning. Each problem led onto another which we had to hunt around the playground for. The two fastest teams were even treated to their very own Easter egg! 

When Amanda Morrow came to join us in Class 8, we used our previous science topic of electricity to create our very own game. First of all, we predicted whether a circuit would work based on its diagram; then we tested them. After that, we created our very own circuit using a buzzer. Using modelling wire, we moulded our unique, steady hand game before deciding on a name and designing a background. [Gallery not found]

On Tuesday 7th February in Class 8, it was Safer Internet day and we were lucky enough to have a workshop all about keeping safe whilst we are online. We discussed the different ways in which we use the internet as a class and then learnt how we can stay safe through the ‘SMART’ rules. As a fun activity, we also completed some problem solving, thinking about how we can all work together to keep the internet safe. 

In our PSHE lessons in Class 8, we have been exploring various groups within our community. We began to think about the elderly and how some people can suffer from illness and mobility issues. Then, unexpectedly, we were transformed into old people… 

Another investigation that we carried out in Class 8 was to identify which temperature of water would allow chocolate to melt the quickest, turning from a solid to a liquid. We knew that we needed heat, but we weren’t sure just how much. We found that the chocolate which was floating in a tray of 40°C water started to melt within 5 minutes, but 30°C and 5°C were too cool. After half an hour, chocolate eventually started to melt over the tray of 30°C water however it would be no good in a rush! 

Amanda joined us in Class 8 for a second time this year and this time, we had a greater emphasis on the design element of Design and Technology. We used lightbulbs instead of buzzers this time around and using a circuit, designed and made our own lamps. 

In Class 8 our current science topic is ‘States of Matter’ so we have been learning all about solids, liquids and gases. We wanted to find out which of three soft drinks is the fizziest and whether gases actually weighed anything. To do this, we weighed a bottle of Coca-Cola, Lucozade and Fanta before taking it in turns to shake them vigorously, hoping to remove all of the gas bubbles. We found out that Lucozade was the fizziest of these drinks as there was the biggest difference between the fizzy and flat weights. 

Our theme in religion in Class 8 has been looking at the gifts of love and friendship. We have thought about how God showed his love for us by sending his son to Earth to look after and guide us. We know that the current season in the Church’s calendar is Advent and this comes from the Latin word for ‘coming’. A Christingle is a symbol of Advent which Christians use to represent the different gifts that God has presented to us. Have a look at how we made our very own. 

As Christmas is drawing near, we have started to read ‘The Christmasaurus’ written by Tom Fletcher. We also watched and took part in the live webcast with Tom himself. He demonstrated how to draw the Christmasaurus whilst we tried to keep up. It has definitely started to feel like Christmas in class 8. 

In Class 8 we were very fortunate to have a visit from Mr North during which we created three different pieces of Roman and Celtic artwork in one day. Firstly, we started by making torcs which involved twisting wire, moulding plasticine and painting our end product in a silver or gold metallic paint to make them look authentic. Then we produced some metal art by tracing an image onto metal foils. We practiced embellishing letters and creating textures too. Finally, throughout the afternoon, we designed and created our own Roman mosaics. 

In Class 8 as well as our history and literacy work, for design and technology we picked up our needles and threads and stitched our own poppies for Remembrance Day. First of all, we mastered the skills of threading a needle and tying a knot before we moved onto using a template to create our shapes. With a variety of running and back stitches, we attached our three separate shapes together to create a 3D poppy. 

To mark Remembrance Day in Class 8, we studied a local soldier who lived on Chapel Street, Gorton. In literacy, we then began to consider what life would have been like in the trenches during the First World War. With the help of Mr Kennedy, our classroom was transferred and became the trenches on the Western Front in France 1914. We re-enacted the events that took place in December 1914 when the fighting temporarily ceased over Christmas. 

As part of the Change 4 Life scheme, a number of children from classes 7 and 8 went to Loreto High School for an afternoon of physical activity. We practiced lots of different activities including standing long jump, target throwing, shooting basketball hoops and speed bounce. Fred the Red was also there and was cheering us on throughout the day and he even took part in the warm up! 

In Class 8 in science, we have been learning about electricity. We practiced making our own complete circuits and then began to test different materials to identify whether they are conductors or insulators of electric current. 

In numeracy in Class 8, we have been ensuring that we are confident in each of the four operations. Having focused on addition, subtraction and multiplication, it was time to tackle division. We practically showed that we can use the written method for short division by using masking tape and post-it notes on the table tops. 

Pupils in Class 8 have been learning mental strategies for the addition and subtraction of numbers 10 and 100.  They have also been learning how to solve word problems involving negative numbers. 

In Class 8 in our Topic lessons we have been learning all about the physical and human features of the UK. 

In Class 8 we were joined by Mr Kennedy for an exciting drama lesson in which we all became the main character of our class reader, the BFG. Having thought about his appearance and function, we then explored the other giants in the story including the Bloodbottler and the Fleshlumpeating Giant. Later that morning, we also appeared on the fictional TV show ‘Gigantic Giants’  to introduce our very own giant that we had created. 

In Religion in Class 8, we have been looking at the historical family of Jesus and we learnt the story of Jacob. We each became a member of Jacob’s family, firstly to think about their role within family life and then we considered how he and his brother felt, based on their parent’s attitudes towards them. There were some fabulous freeze frames created by the class along the way. 

To celebrate 100 Years of Roald Dahl, Class 8 took part in a live webcast, along with hundreds of other schools children. During this webcast, we were able to draw an oompa-loompa as directed by Quentin Blake. It was hard to keep up with him as he drew very quickly! It must be all those years of practice…