Class 7 Year 4

Our classroom displays 

On Wednesday 10th May, classes 7 and 8 boarded the coach and headed to Chester for the Roman experience. Throughout the day, we learnt about Roman Chester through visiting the Roman gardens, amphitheatre and DEWA museum where archaeologists are still excavating to find Roman remains. In true Roman style, we watched two gladiators (a.k.a Miss Corrigan and Mr Bourne) fight using a shield (scutum) and a sword (gladius) in the amphitheatre. To finish the day off, we marched back to the museum whilst chanting, ‘Sin, sin, sin, dex, sin!’ 

As part of the Change 4 Life scheme, a number of children from classes 7 and 8 went to Loreto High School for an afternoon of physical activity. We practiced lots of different activities including standing long jump, target throwing, shooting basketball hoops and speed bounce. Fred the Red was also there and was cheering us on throughout the day and he even took part in the warm up! 

In Class 7 in our Literacy lessons we have been learning about Roald Dahl.  We made up our own Roald Dahl characters and wrote a character description for them. 

In Class 7 we enjoy reading in our reading garden. 

In Class 7 we enjoyed making our own graph in Numeracy incorporating all the pupils’ birthdays. 

In Class 7 we designed a mirror image of our names in bubble writing and decorated them.  We then wrote acrostic poems all about ourselves.