Religion in our School

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On 6th March, the GIFT Team attended a training and commissioning day at Salford Cathedral. The aim of the day was to meet with other schools to discuss the role of the GIFT Team within our schools, different models of working and to prepare individual actions plans within our teams. In the afternoon, we took part in a commissioning celebration. The day was a fantastic opportunity to share new ideas with GIFT Teams from other schools and discuss how we can promote the word of God within our school. We came back equipped with lots of exciting ideas and ways in which we can develop our GIFT Team. Currently, we are working on our first task of setting up our own GIFT Team Chaplaincy room. Keep your eyes peeled for news of the grand opening! 

Class 11 were learning all about Palm Sunday. 

Ann Wilson, a representative from Cafod, came to our assembly today to tell us all about the wonderful work Cafod does around the world.  The children took part in the assembly and learned lots of interesting information about the charity. 

Today in Class 11 we learnt that on this day, during the 16th century, Christians would return to their ‘mother’ church. This was the main church in the town, the church they had been baptised in, or the cathedral.  Mothering Sunday was one of the few days that servants and maids had off and it allowed them to go home to visit their mothers.  In the UK, Mothering Sunday is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This day was also known as Refreshment Sunday. We learnt that Lent is a time of fasting, when people refrain from eating.  Refreshment Sunday is a day when the rules about Lent are relaxed a little. 

Here at St Richard’s we come together for a celebration assembly each Friday during which we acknowledge and reward achievement in a range of areas including, behaviour in class, around school and in the dining hall, reading, writing, mathematics and sport.  Prayer forms an integral part of this assembly. 

Class 2 performed a wonderful assembly all about St Patrick, here we are all ready to perform! 

Class 2 celebrate Chinese New Year 

In out Religion lesson in Class 11 we have been learning about Mother Teresa, Mother Angelica and Cafod. 

All Year 6 children from St Richard’s attended the Marist Centre for a day of reflection and took part in various activities to learn about responsibility.  They took part in small and large group sessions learning how to be responsible in school, at home, in the community and to be responsible for their own possessions and those of others.  All the children enjoyed writing their own prayers, taking part in small group drama sessions, showing their understanding of God’s love for us and how we can show our love for Him. 

Nursery – God’s Wonderful World – We looked at the creation story and all of the wonderful things that God has made.  We walked around the school grounds and Father Dever’s garden looking at all of the things around us.  We talked about the different things that we like in God’s Wonderful World.  We selected the things that we liked the best and drew a picture.  We made some of the things from God’s World. 

In religion, Class 12 have been covering ‘Loving’ as our religion topic.  We discussed how love is shown for others with a big focus on unconditional love.  We understand how values inspire and influence Christians to demonstrate unconditional love.  The children created a jigsaw heart of many different ways that unconditional love can be portrayed. 

In Religion in Class 5 we have been writing prayers about our families. 

In our Religion lessons in Class 1 we have been learning all about families and how we are all part of God’s family.  We wrote our own bedtime prayers thinking about all the things we wanted to thank God for. 

In Class 4′s Religion lessons we created our own artwork for the Creation Story. 

In Class 11 we have been writing letters to Bishop John Arnold to tell him all about how much we value our Church. 

In Religion in Class 8, we have been looking at the historical family of Jesus and we learnt the story of Jacob. We each became a member of Jacob’s family, firstly to think about their role within family life and then we considered how he and his brother felt, based on their parent’s attitudes towards them. There were some fabulous freeze frames created by the class along the way. 

Class 4′s presentation used in their assembly titled Class Four’s tips to look after God’s Wonderful World

In Class 11 in our Religion we were looking at all the gifts God has given us. 

Our theme in religion in Class 8 has been looking at the gifts of love and friendship. We have thought about how God showed his love for us by sending his son to Earth to look after and guide us. We know that the current season in the Church’s calendar is Advent and this comes from the Latin word for ‘coming’. A Christingle is a symbol of Advent which Christians use to represent the different gifts that God has presented to us. Have a look at how we made our very own.