Class 2 Year 1

Our classroom displays 

A selection of PSHE work from Class 2. 

We made a pictogram about how many children in class 2 liked each fruit. We now know that grapes were the most liked and pineapple, peach and apples were the least liked.

We won the name the exotic fruit competition! 

Class 2 performed a wonderful assembly all about St Patrick, here we are all ready to perform! 

Class 2 celebrate Chinese New Year 

Class 2 visited Stockley Farm for a Christmas experience. 

Class 2 were learning all about measuring in our Maths lesson. 

Class 2 made fruit kebabs as part of our PSHE lesson on Healthy Eating. 

In Class 2 we had Amanda Fleming in our class and she was teaching us how to make moving pictures using levers and sliders. We all had to create our own moving pictures and we had to use different skills such as  drawing, cutting and gluing. It was great fun! 

In Class 2, we have been reading the story Funny Bones this week and we got the chance to become actors and act out the story. We played the big skeleton, the little skeleton and the dog skeleton. We had to pretend to go to the park and throw a stick for the dog. When the dog broke to pieces, we had to put him back together again. It was very good fun! 

In Class 2 we have been reading the story Funny Bones and using our cutting and sticking abilities we sequenced the story in our Literacy books. 

In Class 2 we rewrote the story of Funny Bones in our own words using adjectives. 

In Geography in Class 2 we have been learning all about our local area. 

In Art/DT we learned all about how to have a healthy plate at mealtimes.