Our classroom displays 

God’s Wonderful World – We looked at the creation story and all of the wonderful things that God has made.  We walked around the school grounds and Father Dever’s garden looking at all of the things around us.  We talked about the different things that we like in God’s Wonderful World.  We selected the things that we liked the best and drew a picture.  We made some of the things from God’s World. 

ME Portraits – We painted a portrait of ourselves.  We looked in a mirror and discussed our features, including hair colour, style and eye colour.  We talked about what we look like.  We used paint and chose appropriate colours. 

Owl Babies – We made an owl puppet using feathers.  We gave our owls two eyes and a beak. 

Elmer – We enjoyed reading the different stories and adventures of ‘Elmer’.  We looked at the shape – square.  We were able to select squares and make a pattern like Elmer.  We talked about different colours and what Elmer got up to in his stories. 

Name – We were able to paint over our names.  We selected the colour that we would like to use. 

Rainbow Fish – We looked at the story of the Rainbow Fish.  We talked about how important it is to share.  We each made a promise…we discussed what we could do to make others happy.  We decorated a Rainbow Fish template.