News from Past Pupils

Olivia, a past pupil from St Richard’s now attends St Peter’s High School.  Whilst at St Peter’s Olivia went on a trip, with school, to China – here is what she had to say:  My trip to China was like no other trips to China.  We climbed the Great Wall, saw many beautiful historical places and places like The Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.  We also got to spend a day as a normal school 66 student, help teach some lessons and even got to visit one of the student’s homes.  We ate new types of food (like jellyfish) and made new friends.  My favourite part of the trip was going to School 66 and being a normal student there.  It was an amazing new experience and I loved it:  making new friends, being in the lessons – even though they were in Chinese – and learning new things.  The teachers and the students were all friendly and welcoming, showing us the amazing sights and letting us have a good time.  One of the other things I liked about the trip was bartering – it was an amazing new experience and I loved it.  Bartering is where you and the shopkeeper are arguing about what price the item should be, you are trying to get the item at a price as low as possible while the shopkeeper is trying to do the opposite.  It is hard work but it is worth it in the end.  China was an unforgettable experience that I shall always remember.