Curriculum 2014/2015

Manchester Actors Company perform Romeo & Juliet for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils 

Key Stage 2 children were involved in the A-life workshop.  A qualified coach from A-life spent the day encouraging, teaching and developing the children’s awareness of healthy living. 


In Class 9, we have been doing some amazing and fantastic drama. Using our knowledge of the co-ordinates (north, south, east and west) we followed instructions to move around the classroom. We then used our map skills to create a town and countryside. We created a map in the classroom using our brilliant knowledge of OS symbols, which was exciting and imaginative. We then imagined we were Hansel and Gretal and in pairs, we directed each other around the countryside and town. We directed each other by using our knowledge of the compass points and moving clockwise and anti-clockwise. We thoroughly enjoyed the activity as it was fun, amusing and spectacular! 

In Class 9, we had a very special visitor, Mr. Tony North. As we had been learning about the Ancient Egyptians in history, we were anticipating Mr. North’s arrival to teach us more facts. In our workshop, we learned all about the Egyptian Gods, hieroglyphics, Egyptian clothes and statues. We painted statues and mummies, creating designs, patterns and colours similar to the Egyptians. Two of us even dressed up as ancient Egyptians, where we wore wigs and black eye liner. We all thoroughly enjoyed the exciting day with Mr. North 

Class 11 pupils enjoyed a Design Technology activity with Mrs Bradbury designing and making bags

Classes 5 and 6 were involved in the ‘ElectroCity Workshop’ – a project which involved building their own Lego houses, which they would link with their fellow pupils’ creations to make a huge Lego city.  Once completed, the children learned all about electric circuits, before being challenged to wire-up their own house and illuminate the town! 

 Electro Lego Workshop

Class 11 were involved in a Design Technology/Science workshop which involved building their own ‘buggies/cars’ from cardboard and paper.  They then assembled the wheels and an electric circuit to power the buggy/car

Class 11 involved in the ‘ElectroCity Workshop’ – a project which involved building their own Lego buildings.  Once completed, the children learned all about electric circuits and lit up their buildings using the circuits

Class 7 took part in a Roman Day with Tony North, please use this link to view photographs of the activities of the day 

Mrs Jenny Ulyatt worked with Year 5 classes.  She followed the Annual Art and Design plan created by Mrs Fildes and chose to do work based on Charles Renee McIntosh – Arts and Crafts.  Jenny is a water colourist and we were interested as a school in encouraging new painting skills and giving the pupils the opportunity to learn how to use water colours effectively.  The children were set a project to design a stained glass window for a door or a window.  They used Charles Renee McIntosh’s roses and fresh roses as their inspiration.  They also looked at some of his furniture designs for further inspiration - 

Class 12 took part in a Greek Day, please use this link to view a description and photographs of our day - Class 12 Greek Day

Class 8 drama workshop with Peter Kennedy.  We explored the story of Theseus and the Minotaur as part of our work on myths and legends.  Peter Kennedy helped us to devise a sequel using drama which was about how Ariadne gets revenge. 

Class 7 drama workshop Peter Kennedy.  We had been learning about myths and legends.  In particular we studied the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.  We wanted to write a sequel to this story so Mr Kennedy helped us to create the story of the Minotaur’s Revenge. 

Class 7 drama workshop with Peter Kennedy.  In literacy we were learning about WWI and in particular we listened to the story of the Christmas Truce.  In order for us to write a letter home from the trenches as one of the soldiers, Mr Kennedy created the trenches of WWI in our classroom and we imagined what it would have been like to have been there 

Health4Kids – On Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th November the children in Years 2 to 5 took part in an exciting new health and fitness programme.  The children undertook a circuit of different activities to develop their skills in running, jumping, throwing, catching and balancing.  The children were also given a health and exercise diary to take home to help promote a healthy lifestyle.  A fantastic time was had by all.