Healthy Eating at St Richard’s

Healthy Eating at Lunchtime 

Reception 2 made fruit kebabs for healthy eating week. They also sorted foods into the categories ‘healthy and unhealthy’ and made posters showing everyone how to swap sugary treats for more healthy alternatives. 

Healthy Eating Week Posters 

Class 9 Healthy Eating Workshop 

For Healthy Eating Week, Class 8 did lots of themed work: we looked at the Eatwell Plate and how to have a healthy balanced diet; we calculated the amount of sugar in popular drinks; we took part in 5-a-day fitness activities and we did a Masterchef Challenge where we had to make a Carprese salad and were judged for our presentation, cleanliness and the taste of the food. We really enjoyed investigating food and we are looking forward to our healthy eating workshop later on this term! 

Class 4 enjoyed making smoothies 

In Class 2 we made our own fruit kebabs.  We chose the fruit we liked, cut it up ourselves and put it on the kebab stick.  We had a great time and the kebabs were delicious.