St George’s Day

Promote British Values:

Believe in yourself,

Show you know right from wrong,

Contribute to your community,

Accept other people’s beliefs,

Respect those who keep us safe,

Proud to be British


The pupils and staff at St Richard’s celebrated St George’s Day, taking part in a special ‘Collective Worship,’ and taking part in activities in the classroom and throughout school.

St George’s Day Collective Worship 

St George’s Day celebrations in Class 2 

St Richard’s Nursery celebrating St George’s Day 

Reception 1 celebrate St George’s Day 

Reception Two have been learning all about St. George! We had a special assembly where we listened to his story and sang some traditional English songs. We had fish and chips for lunch, we painted St. George’s flags with Miss Hutchison, we made sandwiches with Mrs. Ormshaw and we even had a Wimbledon tennis tournament with Miss Cumberbatch and Miss Reynolds. In the afternoon we joined with R1 and Nursery for a wonderful tea party in the sunshine! 

Class 8 celebrated St George’s day on the 23rd of April. The day involved lots of fun activities as well as learning about St. George (the facts and the legend), British values and what it means to be British.  In maths we have been studying 3D shapes and so we made nets of cubes and decorated them with St. George’s flag.   Outside, we played some team games which centred on the legend of St. George and his quest to slay the dragon.  In the afternoon we had a tea party and learned about different types of British music.  As the elections are coming up in early May, we discussed what qualities we think Britain has. We made our own political parties, pitching our ideas to the rest of the class, and held a democratic vote for which party’s ideas we would like to see come into fruition. 

Class 9 celebrated St George’s Day by creating their own flags, incorporating British Values and pictures. 

In class 10, on St Georges Day, we did many different activities. In maths, we used our measurement skills to measure lines, find the area and perimeter and create our own questions using the Union Jack flag. In Literacy, we read all about the legend of St George and the Dragon. We ordered the story in pairs, thought of some really exciting sentences for describing the characters and then Class 10 wrote the story in a much more exciting way. Some of Class 10 enjoyed traditional fish and chips for dinner and everybody had an ice lolly at the end of the day after all of their hard work. 

Class 11 celebrated St George’s Day by putting British Values on flags and drawing and colouring pictures of St George and the Dragon.