Class Trips 2015-2016

Class 12 went to The Museum of Science and Industry for their Science topics: Electricity and Light. We explored the museum and took part in two workshops called The Wonder of Light and Circuit City. We had a great day and the children are looking forward to returning in the foreseeable future. 

Class 10 visited St Peter’s High School to play Rugby 

In Class 9 during our trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, we carried out a variety of experiments to consolidate our understanding of our Electricity topic in science. We focused particularly on conductors and insulators, predicting those which would complete the circuit and others where the electricity couldn’t flow. 

In Class 9 we visited John Rylands Library to learn how books were made and make our very own. We used different tools including an awl and a needle and thread to sew and bind the book. 

Class 11 visited Jodrell Bank as part of our Science topic – we had a great time.  

Class 7 visited the John Ryland’s Library on the 5th November where we learned how to make our own books. In the afternoon we visited MOSI where we attended a workshop about our science topic electricity.  On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th November, Jenny Ulyat came in to teach us how to use watercolours.  

Class 8 went to the John Ryland’s Library to learn how books are made. We used different tools including an awl and a needle and thread to sew and bind our own books. We also explored the Gothic Victorian library.   After that we went to the MOSI museum for part of this half term’s science topic on Electricity. We did science experiments on the interactive floor and then we watched an electricity show where we learnt how to make a working circuit and which materials conduct and insulate against electricity.   Finally, as we are studying the Romans, we walked around the Roman ruins of Castlefield. Did you know that the Romans named Manchester MAMCUMIUM and that they gave us our straight roads? 

Year 6 pupils visited the Marist Centre.  They took part in workshops and drama based around the topic of ‘Responsibility’.  The children had a lot of fun and learned about their responsibilities at home, at school and in the world. 

Class 13 visited Stockport Air Raid Shelters on Armistice Day.  They had an amazing day, dressing up and thoroughly enjoying the day.