Class 8 2015-2016

Summer Term Planning

For Healthy Eating Week, Class 8 did lots of themed work: we looked at the Eatwell Plate and how to have a healthy balanced diet; we calculated the amount of sugar in popular drinks; we took part in 5-a-day fitness activities and we did a Masterchef Challenge where we had to make a Carprese salad and were judged for our presentation, cleanliness and the taste of the food. We really enjoyed investigating food and we are looking forward to our healthy eating workshop later on this term! 

On 20th April 2016, the Eco-Squad and Class 8 got together to set up a national experiment. Six months ago, Tim Peake, the first British Astronaut to reach the International Space Station, took 2kg of rocket seeds into space with him. He is giving schools across the country the opportunity to plant these seeds alongside seeds that have stayed on earth. We should compare their growth and enter our results on the national database. This will help scientists to see if plant life can survive in outer space. The experiment will last 6 weeks. We are looking forward to seeing the results. 

Class 8 have been writing play scripts based on The Gruffalo. They very kindly came to visit the Reception classes to perform their play for us. 

Cross- curricular D&T, Topic and Maths – In class 8 we have been learning about the types of food the ancient Romans ate. We sampled and evaluated a range of breads and designed our own focaccia bread. We followed a recipe’s instructions, weighing out and measuring ingredients. 

A Lady from United Utilities came in to teach year 4 more about the water cycle, water safety and saving water. We took part in an interactive workshop and made water promises, suggesting ways in which we could save water at home.

On 30th November, historian Tony North visited class 8 to teach us more about the Romans. We learnt about Roman mosaic art and made some of our own. We also tried on Roman armour, learnt about the Roman army and made our own weapon (a sword, a dagger or a spear) to take home. 

This half term a special visitor, Amanda Flemming, came in to do some D&T work on Levers and Linkages.  We learnt about links and levers in everyday objects and we also looked at moving picture books for young children. We practised making different prototypes and learnt about fixed pivots and loose pivots. Our work culminated in us producing our own pages of a moving picture book. 

Class 8 went to the John Ryland’s Library to learn how books are made. We used different tools including an awl and a needle and thread to sew and bind our own books. We also explored the Gothic Victorian library.   After that we went to the MOSI museum for part of this half term’s science topic on Electricity. We did science experiments on the interactive floor and then we watched an electricity show where we learnt how to make a working circuit and which materials conduct and insulate against electricity.   Finally, as we are studying the Romans, we walked around the Roman ruins of Castlefield. Did you know that the Romans named Manchester MAMCUMIUM and that they gave us our straight roads? 

18.11.15 Artists Jenny Ulyatt and Sarah Hill came in to work with year 4. We looked at the work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. He had synaesthesia, so whenever he listened to music he saw colours. We replicated this experience by drawing life like and abstract images of buildings in Manchester whilst listening to music and smelling different perfumes. We experimented with watercolours and painted images in a colour to represent our feelings towards each building.

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