Class 12 2015-2016

Summer Term Planning

Class 12 had some great fun when preparing for their Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test a few weeks ago. We enjoyed playing a competitive balloon popping game which contained SPAG questions inside. It was extremely exciting and the children did excellent answering the questions in their groups. 

On Monday 23rd May, Class 12 took part in an injury minimization programme at the Royal Infirmary Hospital in Manchester.  They gained valuable knowledge of how to deal with potential life experiences regarding injuries, how to deliver CPR, how to respond to an emergency and how to place somebody in the recovery position. Overall, the children had a great morning and learnt lots. 

Class 12 visited Stockport Air Raid Shelter on the 17th May to learn all about World War II.   All of the children dressed as evacuees and had a fantastic day. 

Class 12 went to The Museum of Science and Industry for their Science topics: Electricity and Light. We explored the museum and took part in two workshops called The Wonder of Light and Circuit City. We had a great day and the children are looking forward to returning in the foreseeable future. 

Class 12 had a fantastic day learning about Greek warfare with Tony North.  The children learnt many hoplite tactics, how they ranked their hoplites and all about their armour. The children created shields and helmets which was great fun and re-enacted the Battle of Marathon. They also used their Literacy skills and debated whether or not Athens should fight the Persians or give in? 

In Science, Class 12 has learnt all about micro- organisms. We know that all living organisms need water, air and food, but we wondered what environment temperature yeast prefers. We decided to carry out an investigation too find out. We came to the conclusion that as the yeast feeds on the sugar, it produces carbon dioxide. With no place to go but up, this gas slowly fills the balloon.  From our results, we believe that yeast works best with cold water at 20 degrees celsius. We know this because we tested different temperatures of water such as: 45 degrees celsius and 70 degrees Celsius. The balloon which filled with the most carbon dioxide had the coolest water. 

Class 12 have also created their very own felt pencil case in Design and Technology. They investigated: different designs; different fasteners; and a range of different decorations that they could use. 

Class 12 took part in  Amanda Fleming’s Design and Technology Workshop. Pupils have learnt all about pulleys, gears and motors and designed and made their own unique buggies. Class 12 used their imaginations and creativity whilst designing and making their very own vehicles. 

Tony North visited Class 12 to teach us all about Evolution and Inheritance. The children were very excited to learn about this unit in Science. Tony worked with Class 12 for two full days, teaching us about Adaptation and Natural Selection.  Day one was thoroughly enjoyable and the children could not wait for Tony to return. The children were introduced to Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution. They worked in small groups understanding and participating in numerous activities related to Evolution and Inheritance. In particular, the children loved the activity the ‘Tree of Life’. This gave them the opportunity to learn about the evolution of animal groups over millions of years including identifying fossils and also placing them on the ‘Tree of Life’.  Lastly, we ended the day with a carousel of activities. The children experienced the effects of camouflage, the evolution of birds, grouping carnivores and herbivores and ordering extinct and modern animals to learn about transitions in evolution. Subsequently, the children gained a much wider bank of knowledge related to adaptation.  Day 2 consisted of learning all about Natural Selection. This day started of much more complex, however, the children were highly engaged throughout. Tony created fantastic, hands on games for all ability groups to develop a further understanding. We did this through genes, inheritance, chromosomes and cells. The children found it very fascinating that 37 trillion cells were in their body. The ‘Cat Fur Colour’ activity was the children’s favourite. This made it very easy for them to understand how cats pass on different genes to their offspring.  

Year 6 pupils visited the Marist Centre.  They took part in workshops and drama based around the topic of ‘Responsibility’.  The children had a lot of fun and learned about their responsibilities at home, at school and in the world. 

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